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Find Quality Freelancers and Agencies for Accounting & Consulting

The Freelance Network connects freelancers and those needing professional talent in a transparent and professional manner. If you are an expert in accounting and want to become a part of the gig economy, we have your back! Every day thousands of businesses search online to hire experienced accountants to get their technical work done. But the chances of finding the right person for the right job are often minimal. This is where our platform comes to the forefront. If you want to leverage world-class accounting and consulting talent, become a part of our globally distributed network of top freelancing accountants.

We help you build amazing teams on demands.

Looking for an expert freelancer with in-depth knowledge of the basics of tax compliance? Or are you an expert home-based freelance accountant looking for some side money? Our platform will connect job seekers with job providers by creating a perfect match of requirements and skills. Business owners only have to specify their accounting requirements and we will help you connect with the experienced accounting consultants.

Whether you are looking for a team of accounting professionals or an individual accountant who will handle your accounts, we will help you get the job done without compromising on quality. We strive to make hiring and finding a job easy for firms and qualified freelancers.

Some of the freelancing accounting and consulting jobs you will find on our platform include:

⦿ Accountants & CPAs.
⦿ Consultants and MBAs.
⦿ Financial planners & CFA’s.
⦿ Bookkeepers.
⦿ Project managers.
⦿ Legal advisors.